Suki Hill Photography | Gracie Goes to Paris

Gracie stays in a lovely pied å terre on Rue St. Simon in Paris, and is invited to a chateau in Garraube. She takes a lover named Rufus, tries yummy food, drinks too much wine, becomes a Yodogini, studies dance, gets the travel bug and plans a trip to Tibet with her friend Maddie. But after several months of her exciting adventure of EATING PRAYING AND LOVING, she finds she is homesick for San Francisco and returns a much wiser girl.
Eat Pray LoveGracie Visits the Eiffel TowerPatisserieGarcon! More Wine S'il Vous Plait!Getting TipsyChamps ElyseesSo Chic at Cafe FlorSeine from PrintempsOrdering YummiesWaiting for Yoga ClassHappy Baby PoseGracie Takes a Dance ClassGetting CulturedRendezvous at GarraubeAt the Pool GarraubePlaying in Foyer at GarraubeFormal Portrait with RufusGracie and Maddie Plan a Trip to TibetPont NeufFlirting with Guard at Les Invalides